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[Tommy] Salesman

(OOC: It's been ages! Glad this is up again...
I guess it's set after Double 16 but open to anyone

EDIT: I'm playing Shotaro now ^_^)


The door to the bookshop closes behind me as the clerk waves goodbye. Looking up at the sky and empty streets I realize I spent far more time in there than I had planned. Oh well. I set off down the street hoping to find some place still serving food. Or maybe a nearby hotel to sleep till morning. I can only shrug as I continue.

I pause a moment to pull out a book to read, since a bench is nearby. Sitting down it's not long till I hear the sounds of footsteps nearing me. I look up to see a figure dressed in a black tuxedo standing before me offering an open briefcase. I look up at him annoyed.

"How would you like to have the power to become a superman or perhaps... a god?" He lowers the briefcase towards me and I can see rows of what appear to be memory sticks sitting inside.

"No thanks... my life is far more complicated than you'd ever know" I reply, reaching a hand up to push the case out of my face. I frown as he merely smiles. Oh great... more footsteps. I stand to leave only to find him blocking my path.

"Complicated you say? What if I told you that a single GaiaMemory of your choosing could erase those complications forever?"

"Um... no. Not possible... really not possible." I growl shoving the man away from me. Before I can move I feel multiple hands grip and restrain me.  I manage to turn my head to see mask's that look like bone designs on the people. I struggle to move as the man pulls a strange white gun like object from somewhere.

"I'm afraid I must insist.... Dr. Oliver. Your 'Dragon' would be a valuable asset to the museum." An unseen voice says from the shadows as the gun moves closer to my chest.

(OOC: Not sure I want Tommy to end up with a connector or not... lol. The salesman is just a random one. As for the voice... we'll see)

[Takeru] Mice

(OOC: set before Shinken 44, open to everyone!)

I'm sure some of the others would say that nine in the evening is too early to go to bed, but the earlier I go to sleep the earlier I'll wake up to train. With this in mind my eyes have just closed when I hear a panicked scream.

Gedoshu? But how could they get into the mansion? I bolt from my room, Shodouphone in hand, and head towards the direction of the screaming (and, as I get closer, what sounds like pots and pans being thrown) at top speed. I consider simply transforming in the corridor, to hide the fact that I haven't changed out of my pyjamas, but when I realise the reason for the commotion I'm glad I didn't.

A kuroko stands on the kitchen table, frying pan in hand, shuddering at the sight of a mouse scuttling around the floor. The household cat, just when it's needed most, is naturally nowhere to be seen. Sigh.

[Chiaki] - oh, crap.

(OOC - am in a silly mood and we haven't done anything here for ages. Open to anyone, feel free to add anything you like to the 'plot', such as it is!)

I have to admit, being Shinkengreen certainly makes life more interesting. I haven't bitched to anyone about being bored for WEEKS. Even a fairly standard day like today, even that can be interesting enough.

I got up, played some HeartGold on my DS, ate breakfast, went for a shower. All the usual stuff.

Except then I fell through some kind of portal in the bathroom. I'm just glad it was after I'd pulled my underwear back on, because I'm now outside, somewhere I don't recognise apart from it being in the middle of the Mountainy Mountain Range, and I'm freezing.

I wish I had my trousers.

Or my Shodouphone. Yeah, that'd be a help. Takeru'd probably give me a Look for being outside half naked, but that's still better than being here. Especially since I can hear rustling in the cave behind me, and knowing my luck, it's not a friendly little squirrel who wants to show me where he keeps his nuts. Uh, in a non-dirty way.

[Tommy] Mojikara?

(OOC: For all Shinkengers, Jii included. A semi-continuation of my earlier 'endless fight' thread, since it's not really a fight anymore per se. If someone wants to have the Dragon Coin (examining it or keeping from Tommy due to lack of trust/understanding) that's fine as well.)

The silent person in black narrowly avoided a punch as he tried to wake me up. Not the best call since I'm basically programmed to fight anytime I'm disturbed, but they didn't know that. Instead my fist hits the floor leaving me silently cursing in pain as I'm jolted completely awake. I stifle a yelp as the person suddenly begins checking my hand for any cuts, I think at least. Try as I might I can't get a sound of him... or them? I'm not sure but another suddenly enters from another door with food. Seems the sound of my fist kissing the floor traveled further than I thought.

Pulling my hand away I rub it glancing at it for a moment, before saying, "Sorry about that. It'll be fine... it'll have bruise for a day or so. Thanks for... the food?" I trail off as I find myself alone once more. I sigh and begin to eat the eggs, my mind wandering to the battle from before.

"What was that energy he used to fight?" I wonder aloud

[Mako] Three's a crowd..

[OOC; For Ryunosuke and Genta. :D]

Today was one of those days where I enjoyed being a girl. I could dress up, or put my hair up and just overall feel pretty. Especially when someone very special was about to pay you a visit. Ahem, I cleared my throat, rummaging through my closet for something cute to wear.

Ah, the joys of being a girl.

[Chiaki] - this is new.

(OOC - for Takeru mostly, but any other Shinkengers incl Jii are welcome. I'll be very slow to respond, sorry!! <3 This is my way of dealing with not being around in the other post.)

I don't like having boobs. It's strange and weird and sucky and WEIRD. Yeah, they look good on other people -- women, especially -- but they're not meant to be on me.

My clothes don't fit right. I have hips now. I mean, I had hips before, but not like this. I can get them on and do them up and stuff, but they're tight in places they didn't used to be tight.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED. Takeru'd better find a way to change us back. Quickly. I don't want Ryunosuke to think he's the most manly Shinkenger. Yeah, he's brave enough and a good fighter, but I'm still more manly than he is even though I'm a girl.

I also don't like the way Jii seems to be trying to get Ryunosuke together with Takeru.

I sigh, and flop down on the grass with the latest copy of some American girls' magazine. Guess I should try to find out what it's like to be a girl just now.

[Dayu] Come out wherever you are..

[OOC; For the Shinkengers, at least the ones that are around right now. :) I need to vent some work stress/frustrations and this is the perfect opportunity.]

This was just too easy. How long had I been out here? Almost half an hour with my nanashi and those little colorful things haven't come out to greet me yet. "Sad." I muttered underneath my breath. "This'll just have to do for now." If they won't come out, I'll just have the nanashi play a little more. And since I've been cooped up on that ship for so long it seemed, I wanted to play too.

It wouldn't hurt to blow up a few buildings. I laughed maniacally, raising my arm up to do so and the nanashi went crazy with delight. If you could tell it was delight, of course.

[Preston] - Guns blazing

[Open to anyone =P]

As I continued to walk around the area, I spotted a few people in trouble. It was about time I had to take action. I drew my pistols from the sleeves of my jacket and started to eliminate all opposition, specifically the humanoid creatures attacking some innocent civilians with weapons. They managed to defend themselves with whatever they had in their arsenal. My mastery in the art of Gun Kata had been of good use throughout combat. I continued to assault each creature until there were none left standing.

"Are you alright?" I immediately asked the assaulted as they holstered their weapons.

[Tommy] Endless Fight

(OOC: Open to all Shinkengers, Jii included.

My sincerest apologies for not asking to use Dayu. *bows apologetically* Please forgive my terrible lapse in manners. It won't happen again. I've deleted the offending entry. Again, my apologies.)

Sweat drips from my face onto my soaked shirt. The creatures just keep coming. Dual weilding swords I snatched from the first wave I continue cutting them down. My coin glows brightly, the dragon symbol shining. The screams have finally stopped, meaning I'm alone with these things.

Which is both good and bad. No innocents to get hurt but no help either. Pain, rage and frustration grip me as I charge the blades with energy, setting them ablaze with green and gold fire. Damn this energy build up. I still haven't found a way to get rid of it fast enough. I focus and with a bit of spinning added to my attack's I yell "Dragon Tornado!" and waves of fire spread and destroy many of the creatures.

 Much to my shock though, more take their place, coming from the cracks all around me. I ready the swords but I know I'm at my limit. Summoning the last of my energy I focus it around me and call "Dragon Inferno!" creating a massive explosion of fire around me.

Darkness washes over me as I feel myself falling, but I'm unconscious by the time my body hits the ground.

[Hajime] Photos?

I know this isn't my world. I sense no Undead anywhere. Strangely I find myself in front of a photo shop, and decide to go in. "Hello" I say opening the door, unsure of what I'd find.